5th term-exchange. Cyprus, 4-8 April, 2022

1st day. Mobility in Cyprus.

Welcome to Cyprus

We were given a warm welcome to the Linopetra School, Limassol. Beautiful Mediterranean School with different yards and really nice teachers and students!

Visit to the National Library, the Medieval Castle at Limassol, and the Archaeological Museum.

Lymassol library
Lymassol castle

2nd day.  Mobility in Cyprus.

Colossus Castle, Kourion Theatre. Roman remains and Villas in Paphos

3rd day.Part a. Mobility in Cyprus

 Healthy eating choices and traditional folk art.

1. Seminar with the clinical dietician Mr. Costas Charis

2. Presentation of the research results. » Healthy eating Habits».

3. Presentation of traditional recipes from all the countries.

Spanish recipe

4. Food workshop where preparation of healthy eating snacks 

4. Designing traditional Cypriot motives on pottery. 

5. Teachers workshop – Options of healthy summer drinks

Healthy eating choices and traditional folk art.

1. Get to know the wine villages of Limassol -Omodos

2. Wine tasting and tour to the wine factory

3. Workshop: Search for the hidden Arcadena Bread

4. Visit to the traditional winery of «Linos»

Day 4. Mobility in Cyprus

Part a.

1. Lefkara community board – Lefkaritiko Embroidery and Silversmithing


Guided tours

• Village

• Unesco Church of Honest Forerunner 

• Lefkaritiko Embroidery on Bisquits

2. Golden Donkeys farm – Ktima Georgiadi

Part b

Farewell party – Traditional Night.

5th day.Mobility in Cyprus

1. Presentations of traditional embroideries

Traditional recipes workshop
Carolina and Alma presentation

2. Cooking Workshop for teachers

Erasmus cake



Our friends

Thank you everybody !!

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