4th term-exchange. CROATIA 2022.

WE BEGIN. With dreams and great enthusiasm, the Spanish Team leaves for Osijek (Croatia) to participate in the fourth mobility of the project “The power of understanding” (March, 21-25).

Waiting times at the airport are filled with rehearsals for our intervention in the different activities scheduled in an intense calendar.

FIRST DAY. Throughout the morning we got to know all the participants through their interesting presentations at the OSNOVNA SKOLA “REFTALA”. In the same way we made our city and our center known. In addition, we were able to enjoy the enormous hospitality of our hosts.

After a hearty and cheerful meal, we toured the most emblematic places in the city admiring its old buildings. Our guide Nada told us stories about the city and its connection with none other than Picasso.

After regaining strength, we participated in the welcome dinner at the skola. We ate, danced and sang non-stop, making the first day a memorable one.

SECOND DAY. This day was devoted entirely to a visit to the KOPAĈKI RIT natural park, located about 30 km from Osijek and, watered by the waters of the Danube, one of the largest wetlands in Europe. Brimming with life, it is home to multiple species of birds, fish and mammals. Unfortunately it was also home to countless anti-personnel mines, a hateful remnant of the Balkan war. Our students, armed with compasses and binoculars, traveled a pleasant path in search of the representative bird of the park: the white-tailed eagle.

Our Spanish team planted a tree in the hope of returning one day.

We finished the visit with a boat trip where a guide explained the fauna of the park.

THIRD DAY. From the first hour and with the help of the ACTIONBOUND APP, the different teams toured the city in search of the information that they later shared in the skola with the other students in the CITY MAPPING workshop.

On the other hand, the members of the club: little ecologists, made the appropriate presentations before the attentive gaze of their colleagues in an entertaining workshop.

FOURTH DAY. The PAPUK nature park in Jankovac was our destination on the fourth day of our mobility. An extensive mass of beeches in a dream setting, this is how this natural park is, the first inland tourist destination in Croatia and a member of the World Network of Geoparks protected by UNESCO.

In the afternoon and on our way back to Osijek, we visit the town of Đakovo to admire its beautiful cathedral and visit the stables of one of the most famous horses in the world, the Lipizzans.

The day ended with a fun dinner at a nice local restaurant.

FIFTH DAY. We said goodbye to our happy stay in Osijek learning some Croatian and composing our own BEĆARAC (popular song).

We got to know more about that powerful teaching communication tool that is ETWINNING and the day ended with a lively lunch where the students, sad for the end of the experience, sang and danced sharing the last minutes of this unforgettable trip.

On Saturday, we finished this incredible experience and sadly we flew back to our town.

Our memories and hearts will guard the emotions of these days of coexistence with our project partners as well as the immense hospitality and joy of our Croatian colleagues.

Thank you very much!!!!

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