ROMANIA, Bârlad (27-31 January 2020)

E+KA229 Project: “The Power of Understanding

Primera movilidad con alumnos a Rumanía. Un viaje lleno de propósitos y actividades que nos ha colmado de satisfacción.

Spanish KA2 Team arriving in Bucharest, Romania
Meeting Romanian School Vasile Parvan
Visiting Iasi, in Moldovan , Romania
Working at the Vasile Parvan Museum. Creatin calligrams!!


 Thanks to the KA229 Erasmus + project I met new people from other countries who are now my friends and I would like to meet them in the future. And this was a great opportunity to get to know another culture, the traditional food and the country. This helped me to improve my English level. The experience was wonderful.

Ingrid Villacorta Dos Reis, 4º ESO

I had the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus+ project, and it was one of the best experiences I´ve ever had. I met a lot of new people from many European countries, and I enjoyed all the activities that were planned by the Romanian coordinators. I feel lucky for having lived this experience, and getting to know new customs and places.

Lucía Rodríguez Fernández, 4º ESO

I enjoyed myself with the experience

I consider my Erasmus K2 experience in Bârlad as something wonderful because I met new people, spoke a different language, ate different types of food and discovered awesome places. This project changed my way of seeing the world and I hope we will see each other again.                                                       

                                            Dani Martín González, 4º ESO

I  enjoyed myself with this experience. I loved meeting fantastic students from other nationalities. I hope that we can meet them in the future. The teachers and staff were very kind. In fact, I loved trying the traditional food. Thanks to Erasmus+ KA229 I improved my English a lot.                              

                                              Diana Medina Muñoz, 4º ESO

The KA2 Project in Romania has been my first experience in an Erasmus Project. I know that it is always enriching to know other cultures. But working with people from other countries and being able to communicate in a single language seems magical to me. The experience has been very positive and made me feel really proud of our students.

Mª Jesús Mateos Flecha

Our Key Action KA229 Project “The Power of Understanding” is being developed  from 2019 to 2021 to foster Reading and Writing, specially in foreign languages. Collaborating with project partners from Lithuania, Croatia, Romania, Portugal and Cyprus, we particulary intend to  focus on the promotion of innovative methods of teaching and learning.

Travelling to those countries thanks to Erasmus+  means our students may have both the opportunity to get to know other cultures and open up their minds. They have gone through incredible experiences, and therefore gained autonomy and independence.

Just a comment to my colleague Mª Jesús: I feel grateful for such an open-minded,  and resourceful company. Sharing the experience with her has been incredibly  meaningful.

Diana, Dani, Lucia and Ingrid: I feel really proud to be your teacher. You have showed an amazing personality, apart from being so honest and helpful to others!!!

                                            Ana I. Ferreras Valladares

ROMANIA, Bârlad (27-31 January 2020)

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