Virtual Transnational Meeting: Lithuania

Comenzamos el nuevo curso con el primer encuentro virtual con todos nuestros socios Erasmus+, desde Lituania.

La complejidad de realizar viajes internacionales debido a la pandemia actual ha provocado que dicho encuentro se realice de forma virtual a lo largo de esta semana, del 27 de septiembre al 1 de octubre.

Se realizarán multitud de actividades y participarán tanto alumnos como profesores del Centro.

ERASMUS+ KA229 “The Power of Understanding”Project № : 2019-1-RO01-KA229-063057_1

 VIRTUAL MEETING organised by Vilnius Grigiskes Sviesos gymnasium, LITHUANIA from 27 September-01 October 2021.

This meeting is centred in our CLUB «The little journalists», and with the aim of improving the students´communication skills. 

On Monday we´ve worked on : Creating the article-How participating in Erasmus+ project helps  your everyday life?.

Students have collaboratively worked with their European partners creating  beautiful articles with new technologies!! This time they´ve used JAMBOARD, a wonderful tool to share ideas.



Students took a virtual tour- “The most important dates of Lithuanian
history” finding out the most important historical dates in Lithuania.
They learnt about “The independence day” through a virtual tour
discovering the importance of the celebration. Then they solved a quiz
about the history of Lithuania by kahoot.
Another virtual tour took them to the national museum of Etnograpghy
and got to know Lithuanian national cuisine.
After all the online activities, students gave their feedback about the day
and continued with the task after the lunch break.
We all had lots of fun while learning about Lithuanian culture and are for
sure really looking forward to visiting such an amazing country!

Artículo de prensa del Diario de León:


Our library with the Erasmus +

Nuevamente la biblioteca del instituto apoya las experiencias transnacionales de nuestro programa Erasmus +. En este caso, nos unimos a la experiencia virtual promovida por nuestros socios lituanos.

Nos acercamos a la lengua lituana, idioma de origen indoeuropeo que pertenece a la familia báltica, al igual que el letón. Es una lengua interesante para los lingüistas porque es “conservadora” y más próxima a la lengua madre indoeuropea que otras lenguas más evolucionadas. Conserva el carácter flexivo y mantiene siete casos y cinco declinaciones.

La literatura en lengua lituana ha tenido un difícil desarrollo a lo largo de varios siglos, marcado por la dependencia de Rusia, en primer término y la posterior integración del país en la URSS. Pese a todo, esta lengua hablada actualmente por unos cuatro millones de personas, ha pervivido y su literatura ha dado grandes nombres. Hemos querido centrar nuestro homenaje al lituano en la figura de la poeta Janina Degutytė, una mujer de honda y profunda sensibilidad. Como muestra de ello, os traemos al blog la traducción de uno de sus poemas.


Le pregunté a los ríos: ¿dónde estás?

Le pregunté a las nubes: ¿dónde estás?

Y los ríos dijeron que no estás en esta tierra,

y las nubes respondieron que no estás en los cielos.

¿Quién peinará ahora mi cabello largo?

¿Quién me romperá un panal amarillo?

Los campos de la mañana están fríos y doloridos.

Mis manos están calientes y vacías por la noche. . .

¡Dime la flor en la que nacerás!

¡Dime el viento en el que cobrarás vida!


The little journalists


I like the Erasmus so much, it’s a very cool experience, you learn a lot of English and a lot of new things you work with the technology and that’s good.  


I think than Erasmus is a good opportunity and experience to improve our English, get to know other cultures and it it’s good for our future.  


Erasmus is my chance, is the best way to learn other languages ​and visit other cities or places. To be honest, I think that is very important because we can communicate with other people from other countries. 


I have loved the experience of being able to connect and talk to new people and from other countries. The ability to learn and socialize with other people has been incredible since I have managed to learn a goal that I thought was impossible to be able to speak English fluently enough to communicate with foreigners. 


From my point of view, this meeting week has been awesome. We have realized how, even being so far, we can share our feelings, our culture, our language… and we have been able to participate all together in the same project. It has supposed to me a great discovery.  

I’m looking forward to meeting these students and teachers in person next November 


Organised by our partners at   Vilniaussavivaldybes Grigiskiu Sviesos Gimnazij: Lithuania“  and focused on the Club: “The Little journalists” . During the 5-day meeting, a total of 62 participants  were gathered from the six partner organizations to promote reading and writing skills of literary and non-literary texts.   

The Spanish team consisted of 4 students, 2 teachers and another teacher who backed us up technically. 

Each day all the students worked collaboratively in mixed international groups to produce outcomes centred in different topics: A virtual tour around Lithuania where our pupils  learnt about  the main historical, cultural and natural sites of Lithuania (CLUB TRAVELING IN TIME AND SPACE), how to write an article (CLUB THE LITTLE JOURNALISTS), create awareness against pollution by making posters (CLUB THE LITTLE ECOLOGISTS), write a traditional recipe (CLUB WE ARE EUROPEAN CITIZENS). We were also introduced to folk music and the Lithuanian language (CLUB THE MAGIC OF THE WORD). 

I value the absolutely innovative approach: teamwork  through virtual tools such as KAHOOT, QUIZZES, JAMBOARDS, CHATS, GOOGLE CLASSROOM… 

Once again I must say I feel so proud of our GINER students, who actively participated and  did their best and the GINER group of teachers, who made a great effort to achieve the goal of celebrating an Erasmus virtual international meeting despite the pandemic circumstances.

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